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Too Late to Call Texas, by Trent Zelazny

Sex, guns and rock and roll…

What would you do if you found a hat with a bullet hole in it? Run? Call the cops? Get back in your car and drive away?

Not Carson Halliday.

Too Late to Call Texas by Trent ZelaznyHe follows his nose out into the New Mexico desert and finds a body. Then he gets shot at. Time to go, wouldn’t you think? But no, he then finds a trunk in the back of a car, which he decides to keep. Bad idea.

Making bad decisions seem to be Carson’s forté – he’s capable of some very wrong-headed thinking and never seems quite certain what he’s doing next. This uncertainty does provide for some interesting plot twists and an exciting ride.

Zelazny’s writing is strong and descriptive, whether suggesting the smell of a fleabag motel or the strange habits and physiognomy of the motel clerk. The heat and scents of the desert come through in waves and the sense of place is almost overwhelming at times.

The story is very complex and gives me the feeling it’s been tightly plotted, centering around Carson, his wife Brittany and that damn trunk. It’s a good story and I found the characters likeable, albeit in a slightly anti-hero way.

Now for the warning: if you prefer warm stories about puppies and kittens which always have happy endings and you don’t like lots of bodies, swearing, sex, etc, this book isn’t for you.

If you like great, solid writing and a story that pulls you along, then go get this book. You should read it.

I’m off to get some more of his books…


You can pre-order Trent’s book on Amazon – it’s not released until Halloween

Amazon US / Amazon UK

Trent’s website is trentzelazny.com

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