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Two novellas for the road

I stumbled across Trent Zelazny’s writing last year sometime and have to say nothing I’ve read by this author has disappointed me yet.

Butterfly Poison by Trent ZelaznyHis characters are real. The way they talk is real. And it doesn’t hurt at all that he tells good stories. Okay, I may not always like where they go or what happens when we get there, but there’s no denying it: he can write.

Butterfly Potion

Waking up in a ditch sucks. It’s even worse when your wallet and phone have been lifted while you slept. I won’t lie to you, Zelazny’s writing feels personal — whether it is or it isn’t — it feels like he’s done most of the things he puts his characters through. And I guess that by ‘personal’ I mean ‘believable’, too. Nothing that the main character of this novella, Perry, does sounds far-fetched. He’s gone out, got drunk and then ends up out in the middle of nowhere, far from anywhere he’d normally go, but that’s just the beginning of his journey. I can’t stress enough how Zelazny’s writing makes me feel: he does a great job of pulling me into his tale and then leaves me there… desolate when it’s over.
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Found Money

Found Money by Trent ZelaznyA novella by Trent Zelazny, this one deals with a rather precise number: $3,087. Why that amount, you ask? Well, this story goes about filling in the gaps and making sure you want to go along for the ride. Nick’s lost his job and is getting desperate. But walking down the street one day, he finds an envelope just discarded on the sidewalk with $3,087 in it — a significant number to our hero. As I’ve said before about Zelazny’s writing, it sucks me in and drags me along for the ride — and I never feel like I’ve wasted my time. Each book or story I read by this guy just whets my appetite for more. Come on, $.77 isn’t going to break the bank…

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