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Written in the Scars by Mel SherrattAnother great book from Mel Sherratt — part of her ‘grit-lit’ series set in the Midlands of England, she looks at the lives of the people who live there. It follows the paths of several residents and the local housing officer: among them, a single mum and her two, very different adult children, a young carer and a shell-shocked ex-serviceman just trying to get his life back. The storylines are very different, yet they weave in and out effortlessly, tying these lives together with more than just their proximity on the estate. Lewis has been out of the army for a while, but he’s not adjusting to civilian life, the horrors of what he’s seen dogging his every step. Donna works at the local shop, while checking on her mother who has dementia, worrying about her lazy son and her hard-working daughter; not an ideal place to be meeting men, is it? Then she met Owen… Josie has been a housing officer on the estate for a number of years and knows the residents more intimately than she probably wants to.  Young Megan hides her scars, while doing her best to look after the people in her care, including Donna’s mother, not daring to hope for a relationship. This is the fourth book in the series, but you don’t need to have read the others to fill in the gaps (but you should go buy them now, they’re great!). I like Sherratt’s writing and she always pulls me into the story with minimal effort. Great characters and storylines. Go now and buy it! Amazon UK / Amazon US

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