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  2. Two novellas for the road

  3. This Dark Earth by John Hornor Jacobs

  4. Too Late to Call Texas, by Trent Zelazny

  5. Pentecost and Prophecy by J F Penn

  6. Empire State by Adam Christopher

  7. Death by Sarcasm by Dani Amore

  8. The Survival of Thomas Ford by John A A Logan

  9. Regional accents and hard men

  10. Zero Sum Trilogy by Russell Blake

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  • Sober for October
    I know, this is something I never expected to say, but there it is: I’ve been sober for all of October. It’s in a good cause, of course, for Macmillan Cancer Support – they do good work for people with cancer and their families. I’ve lost a little weight and feel a bit better –…
  • Dead Silent
    The final book in the Jaared Sen Quartet Hell hounds, monsters and the end of the world Unexplained disasters are growing in number across the world: forest fires, floods, earthquakes, mud slides, dormant volcanoes suddenly becoming active. Something isn’t right. The Council of Seven Kings, a shadowy group older than the Priory of Sion and…
  • Book of the Dead
    De temporum signis On the Signs of the Times Bodies keep appearing on the streets of London – each one mutilated before death, inscribed with a quotation by the long-dead heretic Giordano Bruno. Meanwhile, a young man is found dead in a warehouse, his right hand missing. He’s the pretender to a vacant throne. Enter…

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